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New Student Veteran Infographic

Student Veteran InfographicDeveloped by North Carolina agencies and nonprofits, this one-page two-sided infographic is designed to assist Veterans considering higher education and to provide strategies and tips to administrators, faculty, and staff at institutions of higher education in North Carolina. The infographic can be downloaded and disseminated to all interested stakeholders.

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The University of North Carolina – Military Personnel

UNC Military Personnel Site

UNC institutions have made outreach to North Carolina’s military
population a priority, and every military base in the state has a variety
of UNC degree programs offered either on the military installation or
at a nearby community college or other location. These site-based
programs are in high-demand areas such as business administration,
teacher education, nursing, engineering, criminal justice, and social work.

Their website offers descriptions of these programs, a military-specific
portal for military personnel and their dependents and information on
their military-friendly tuition statues.

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NC Supports Military Children

NC Supports Military Children Site

Education for military children is a critical quality of life measure for service
members and their families. In fact, it directly impacts military recruitment,
satisfaction with assignments, retention and ultimately, readiness.

This site provides resources to help educators identify and assist these
students and to help public schools to be supportive to military families,
as well as multiple links to explain what deployment is and its effect on
thousands of NC military families.

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NC Military Educational Positioning System

NC Military Educational Positioning System

NC Military Educational Positioning System

Providing students with the resources they need to explore North Carolina’s higher education options, the tools to successfully navigate the application, admission and enrollment process, and the knowledge to graduate and pursue their career goals.

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NC National Guard Education and Employment Center

NCNG Website

North Carolina National Guard

In July 2013, NC National Guard established the Education and Employment Center to emphasize the importance of higher education in the lives of Guard members and their families. Information about two- and four-year colleges is available through the Center.

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