The North Carolina National Guard; the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services; the Governor’s Institute on Substance Abuse; and Military One Source partnered to develop and administer an online survey of military families.  Of the 59 respondents, 53 had received services from the NC National Guard Family Program, 42 from Military or Army One Source, 37 from the NC National Guard behavioral health line, and 22 from Community Care of North Carolina.  Similar to other national surveys of military family members, respondents identified the biggest challenge as not fully understanding benefits from the VA (14 respondents).  Other challenges included difficulty signing up for VA benefits (9); difficulty navigating the various systems (e.g., federal, state) (9); stigma associated with mental illness and/or substance use disorder (8); waiting for services (8); lack of services in area (8); wait time related to the Veteran receiving the disability rating (7); feeling like the civilian community understands and supports military families (7); and unemployment or underemployment (7).

For a copy of the PowerPoint results, click here.