On August 18, the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission and the North Carolina Department of Commerce announced that the military supports 578,000 jobs in the State and that 368,000 are in the private sector. The study also found that the military boosts personal income in the state by nearly $34 billion and contributes $66 billion to Gross State Product (GSP). In the next three years, 78,000 active duty personnel will separate from the military in North Carolina, and many will enter the workforce, offering employers valuable experience and skills.

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North Carolina for Military Employment, or NC-4-ME, is a public-private partnership focused on connecting military talent with business needs. Through NC-4-ME Summits across the State, employers are learning about the benefits of hiring veterans. These Summits have resulted in a 2-to-1 interview-to-offer ratio. The first of three Summits was held earlier this month in Cary. The next one is scheduled in Wilmington on September 29; the third Summit will be held in Charlotte on November 10.

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